Monday, January 21, 2008

A Dream

Yesterday while I was on the air, an ad for a store having what they called a "Martin Luther King, Jr. Sale" with prices that where 30 to 40% off. Needless to say, I was not happy that it aired and could do nothing about it since they paid for it. So at the end of my show, I told listeners to respect the memory of Dr. King and observe it well. The day isn't meant for a shoe sale. I lft it aat theat end ended the show for the day.

For anyone who've just heard soundbites recently of the memorable "I Have A Dream" speech, is in luck. In 2000, The Kids WB ran an animated daily series called "Histeria" which took an irreverent look at world history for kids and was a very funny way for anyone to learn about the world. One of it's best episodes was titled "Heroes of Truth and Justice". Dr. King was featured at the end of the program and the best part of the show, if not the entire series. When I first saw this, I cried because it was nearly a word for interpetation of the speech, featuring the voice of Dr. King himself. This vid is nearly 22 minutes long, but I promise that the final segment is worth it, especially today.


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