Sunday, January 20, 2008

Low On Drugs

Okay, there's a reason behind the title of this. Right now, thanks to me taking Prozac and now Atavan to calm the anxiety, I'm laid back as ever. That's correct: I AM LOW. Not high, but LOW.

Now, this isn't like downers or anything of that nature. To be quite honest, I'm just there, if that means anything. Considering that I'm such a neurotic in the first place, it's nice to just sit back in the cut and just be there instead of being in the middle of it. Let's face it, I do too much for a guy like me. I'm in my second year of college now and coing to classes twice a week, the radio gig, the karaoke gig, the clinic three days a week. No wonder I have the attacks and I don't blame me for getting them.

You know the interesting part is that I talk to most folks who tell me their schedule and how much of it is a pain in the bum to them. I don't try to one up them to look like a jerk, but I do shake my head and say that I hope things get easier for them. Maybe one day, I'll get as lucky as they are. Then again, I'm diggin' on the new laid back Sam Johnson. SWEEEEEEET.

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