Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Oh Ate!

The good news is that nothing blew up and the computers are still working. Other than that, welcome to 2008, the year in which everything will be different from last year, or something like that. I hope that you had a great New Years Party and brought it in well, as I decided to sit back and chill for the first time ever on a New Years since I was a kid. Since I've been house sitting for friends, it was just me and the dogs this year watching Dick Clark (by the way, God bless him for getting back up there on the podium after all he has been through). I even wentr to bed a proper time which was amazing. Although, I did inbibe to kick off the year with a Segram's Island wine cooler my friends had in the fridge. Actually, it wasn't too bad and if you mix in a splash of lemon and a splash of cranberry, it takes the wine cooler stigma away and you have a real drink.

I'm not going top mention any of my New Years resolutions, because I have stated before that I have none and would like to just get thing's right this year. I have a year to get my Associate's Degree in Paralegal so I'm concentrating on that, along with keeping an eye on my health. It's sort of a fifty/fifty deal which leaves room for nothing else. Okay, more like 49/49 for the simple reason that I have a blog. Yes, you Dear Reader get the remaining 2%. But, it is a wonderful 2%. Not like the chalk water they call "milk", oh no.

I promise that this year, Sam-A-Rama will be as exciting as ever, with more kitchy You Tubery and even more posts and essays to get you through your life. I have also made the decision that not all the essays will be socially redeeming as writing for a magazine has made me think a bit about my style of prose and it is not pretty. Fathers wil be talked about. Food will be thrown. One actor could lose his Hollywood career from what I may say. Yes, this will be a shocking, amazing, yet made up year of "truthidity" ("truth"+"stupidity"="thruthidity". Suck on that Steven Colbert!) as we face the final of what has been a long, hard road for America over the last few years. Meaning of course, the last season of "The Wire", of which I have never seen.

Also, you may have noticed that the heading has changed at the top of your browser. Yes, we here have become "The Official Blog of May 17, 2008". What does that mean? Well, I really don't know. First, I don't see any of the other blogs out there as the official May 17th blog. Second, why not? What will happen that day? I dunno, but I figured why not celebrate it anyways. It just another special day in May to celebrate, other than Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day and the first day of "Iron Man" on the big screen, which looks cool as Hell. Hopefully, somebody will come up for a name for that day and we can have some fun with it, as long as I don't have to go to dialysis that day.

One last thing I'd like to do is that everyone for their friendship and support last year, especially those fellow bloggers out there, including Mark, David, Pandora, Uncle Swan, Brent, Tom, Tony, Randy, Moos, Mikester, and members of the League of Savannah Bloggers Jen and Ivan, who is actually leaving Savannah but will always be a good member in standing. Thank you for the "feud" and the Porter Wagoner references. To everyone on the old blog roll, keep on writing and I promise to keep reading.

So there you go. The new, streamlined, Earth friendly, Ultra-Mega-Extreme Sam-A-Rama for 2008 with a Hemi. We've got some great things lined up this year so please stick around, I promise. Until then, as I said in 2007, "Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss". Maybe I can remember to do Goth Girl Blog Day this year and if I have time this month, get a moneky suit and celebrate National Gorilla Suit Day.


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