Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sam Johnson Theater

(In which our hero has Friday off to work on homework when he get's a phone call around five in the afternooon from a fellow karaoke host. Some names have been changed for humor sake. We pick up in the middle of the call...)

Sam: So, what can do for ya?

Needy McNeederson: I was wondering if you wouldn't mind coming in for me tonight?

Sam: Well this is sort of last minute, isn't it? I had made plans for tonight and we start at nine.

Needy: Oh no. I'd need you to finish up my show tonight? You know, come in later for me around midnight?

Sam: (sputtering) Wha-? Wait, wait. You want me to come to Captain's Lounge at midnight and close out? Why can't you do it?

Needy: Well, I have my new job at the car lot that I started this week and they want me to come in tomorrow morning at 8.

Sam: (inhaling) Alright. I'll come in this time. This is the second time I've had to do this for you though, you know. I have my own plans tonight, plus I have dialysis early tomorrow and I have to schedule everything around that.

Needy: Well, I have to work early tomorrow!

Sam: (pissed to the highest of all pissedivity) You know what? Just be ready to leave when I get there. I see you then.

END SCENE. Fade to black.

Okay, I'll let you all figure out what was wrong with that whole conversation right there. WHat part of "dialysis" do some folks not get? This isn't like I'm going in for a curl and dye job, for Pete's sake.

In other health news, I've been set up for a sleep test next month as it turns out that my sleep apnea has returned and wreaking havoc on my rest. This means that I will probably have to wear a CPAP to bed again for a good while. So ladies, if you ever wanted to have that sleepover with a hockey goalie, now is your chance.

I love my life...

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