Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Stuff

So, The Chicago Tribune has a tourney to see who was the best Saturday Night Live cast member. Gilda Radner vs. Daryll Hammons is kinda easy to guess, but Dan Ackroyd vs. Tina Fey? That one is tough to call for me. By the way, the show returns next week with Tina as the host. I'm working that night, so I ain't watching.

Speaking of which, Mr. Jack of All Trades is hosting Karaoke at Steed's Tavern on 44Echols Street in Savannah every Saturday night from 8pm until and we've just added nearly 25,000 songs to the library. If you feel like doing "What A Wonderful WOrkd" by Joey Ramone, then now is your chance.

Finally to get you in the karaoke mood, here's a song from the movie "Walk Hard" called "Let's Duet" that would be the perfect tune for singing this weekend. Also, I now have a deep accpreciation for Jenna Ficher from "The Office" a lot more after this.

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