Friday, February 01, 2008

Like Hatfields & McCoys and Benny & Allan

You see the guy above here?This person, ladies and gentlemenis Ivan G. (The "g"stands for "great googly moogly") Shreve, head cook and bottle washer for the blog Thrilling Days of Yesteryear and a member-in-standing of The League of Savannah Bloggers. Recently, Ivan decided to sell off much of his memorabilia collection due to the fact that he and his family would be moving out of town. In Ivan's possession of things that he got rid of on Ebay was a boatload of Hanna-Barera DVD's including Space Ghost and Dino Boy: The Complete Series and Birdman and Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series. He sold those without ONCE offering to sell them to me. I am offended. Therefore and forthwith, I would like to begin a feud under the Jack Benny-Fred Allan Rules, which states on Article II, Section 5.6...

"If the other guy overlooked his pal on stuff he could have very easily gotten over him on, the feud is on, ipsofacto."

It's on like popcorn.
UPDATE It was originally last week when I first wrote this in a fit of mock anger. I would, nor could feud with a good friend such as Ivan, even if he sold off his cool stuff to other folks. And so under the rules of the Benny-Allan feud, based on the Hoffa/Livingstone Doctrine of course, I am now over it.

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