Sunday, February 17, 2008

Underground Update

Did you ever have one of those days where your past just creeps up on you and slaps you in the back of head for no reason but to remind you of things you've done, whether good or bad? That's what's going on with me now thanks to Underground Savannah. As stated here before, there has been some kind of freaky equinox thing where everything has alligned for my old show to be talked about again by folks. I never said I was Sid Caeser and God I wish I had a ounce of his humor, but according to folks I really did some funny stuff that I should be proud of and in a town like Savannah, I got away with sheer murder with all the stuff I did.

Last night, the ante was upped when a friend told me that an interview that I did a couple of months back for Savannah's Murmur Magazine surfaced this week and that I was very funny in it. In fact, in the piece I have been called "a big nerd and a funny motherf&%$#@". Somehow, I feel that being called "a funny motherf&%$#@" has validated me for all the years on the show. I never thought that I would ever be called that in my lifetime as it's a comedy badge of honor in my opinion and one that I will wear for a very long time and stay true to my motherf&%$#@! standards.

Due to all the events that have come about due to the mini-attention the show has gotten lately, I've made the decision to post a few of the sketches on You Tube in the near future and to be shown here. It's really a hard choice to make as I am finally coming to peace with the show now, it would be wrong of me to hold back what made at least somebody laugh at some point and that I should let the world know what I was up to in the nineties. I know that I will be open to ridicule and embarassment, but I guess that's what happens when you do a telesvision show. However, with my medical life the way it is, I truly have no other footprint in this world if something to happen to me. If that's the case, then let a comedy bit with me in a dress and wig be my legacy. It's not a son, but I suppose that will have to do.

As soon as I recieve a few AVI. copies and after watching a few of them, nearly everything for the first time in years, I will be posting them here for your enjoyment. I'll also post the Murmur interview when I can get a copy of it for the web for out of towners. Otherwise if you're in Savannah, head Downtown and pick up a copy. It's free, so no need in being cheap about it.

One more thing before I go. This Tuesday, I go into the hospital for a sleep study to help me with my sleep apnea and hopefully a new CPAP, so with me luck. The last time I had this problem was during the tme I was doing the TV show. Isn't it funny how somethings can just come back to you full circle?

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