Saturday, February 02, 2008

We missed it...

"Yes, I know National Gorilla Suit Day is almost upon us. And may I say, I resent the "political correctness" war on National Gorilla Suit Day that is forcing people to say, "Merry Primate Or Other Animal Costume Of Your Choice Day." Why, just the other day, I heard about a classroom in East Moline, Illinois that is planning to put on a National Gorilla Suit Day pageant on January 31 but the principal is refusing to allow the children to dress in gorilla suits or even to eat bananas. My God, what is the world coming to? I'm going to wish all of you a Happy National Gorilla Suit Day no matter what anyone says."

Mark Evanier, 1/2006

I blame the Writer's Strike for this transgression. I was realy ready for it this year. I bought all five original Planet Of The Apes movies, had frozen bananas made, and of course the suit was the bomb. I was gonna be a Silverback. Oh well, maybe next year.
They better not screw up Goth Girl Blog Day this year.

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