Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break Fever!

Well, here we are. My time in Winter quarter classes are over and I’m moving a step closer towards my degree in Legal Studies. It was a long and hard road and I had to back away for a bit from writing here, but I am still standing. Which means now I can relax until Spring quater begins next week. Until then, I have one week to enjoy life.

Ladies and gentlemen, Spring Break has sprung.

Now for most college students, Spring Break means drinking and dancing the night away from school, waking up the next day on someone else’s couch or the shore or a beach naked not knowing how they got there, but it must have been a Hell of a good time getting there. Sadly, I am now too old and also too tired to do that now. So, what will I be doing on my Spring Break?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Not one damn thning. Damn it

Here’s the deal. I had originally planned on going to Orlando this weekend to relax and get a tan (Shut the frak up. If I want to tan, I’m gonna find me a way and become a golden god) after a friend had offered to drive me down since I have a P.O.S. 1993 Ford Escort and let me hang at their condo. Sadly, I found out tonight that her uncle is near death and she needed to be closer to home. I told her that family is more important than sunning away in Florida and that the state will be there for another day unless they can get their crap together in presidential elections this year or we will ceceed them from the nation the hard way. In other words, it’s been four years since my last vacation and it looks like the streak continues. Yay, me.

With all that free time now just wide open for me, what will I do? Well, not much. I mean, I’m a 41 year old college student with End Stage Renal Failure. There sure as shite not much for me to do. I mean, if I go to the beach to look at women in bikinis, I’m just gonna look like either a pervert or someone’s father or someone’s perverted father. The best thing for me to do is just vegetate at home in front of the television and watch bad TV. There in my recliner can I watch the news reports of perverts on the beaches of Florida trying to jock their way into MTV’s Singled Out Beach Party. Is Singled Out even still on the air? See, that is how old I am.

Anyway, if you need me for something I guess I’ll be here in town until further notice. Unless of course I get lucky until someone comes along with a 2009 Mustang GT and tells me that it’s all mine forever. Oh yeah, give me a reason to go middle age crazy. I might be doing some blogging that is way overdue here, so keep your eyes open as by Tuesday, I may be bored as crap and could fill up a whole web browser with ramblings

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