Sunday, March 09, 2008

"Time Won't Let Me"

I happen to like the name of this post as it's the title of one of my favorite songs of the Sixties from The Outsiders. It's also how life's been for me the past few weeks to where I haven't had time to relax like I should what with the patent pending Sam Johnson Experience happening to me. For one, it's been over a week now since I've been on the CPAP and let me tell you that other than looking like an evil underwater thug when I wear it, it's working well.

Now, that is not me nor does it look anything like me as I'm not plastic or chalky white. This is the actual mask that I wear every night for eight hours. Tha't right, I wear this for eight hours a night and I have no problem with it. I know thaty most of you are just getting claustophobic even thinking about this, but this is how I have to sleep due to the fact that I don't get enough oxygen at night, which is how rapper Pimp C of the duo UGK passed recently. Not from a drug raid or an angry video girl, but of sleep apnea. See there, critics? Guns don't kill rappers. Sleep apnea does.

Above is the type of machine I use to help with the breathing. Years ago when I first used a CPAP, the machine weighed about ten pounds and clunky. Now the machine is half that and portable with a humidifier build in with helps opens up passages while you sleep. Truthfully, I'm sort of glad to be single now with this in the bedroom. I look like something out of "The Road Warrior" withthe mask on and there is really nothing sexy about it at all. Also, snuggling to someone close could be out of question unless you two are into that kind of stuff. Let me say though that because of this little doo hickey, I've had the best sleep in the world and that is the best time in the world for me these days.

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