Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I’m Back!

Okay, here are the highlights:

*Stayed at the Cypress Points Resort in Orlando.
*My room had a Jacuzzi. It was used all weekend.
*It rained mostly all weekend with severe storms, but we did not care.
*Medieval Times RULEZ! We ate with our hands! No forks!
*Universal Studios Florida ROCKED! I went to Islands of Adventure and rode the Spider-Man 3-D ride! It rocked!
*It also made me motion sick. I felt lousy the rest of the day. So...
*I rented a Rascal Scooter from the park and putted around the park. It gets up to 40 m.p.h.
*We scooted over to Universal Studios and hit nearly every site there. IN THE RAIN.
*City Walk was great, too. We ate at the Latin Quarter, which was marvelous.
*I used the Jacuzzi later on when I got home to soak from being worn out from the day.
*My brother Rocky and I were suppose to catch up with each other as he was in Orlando for a business trip, but no luck. Dammit.
*We got home safe and happy. Especially me.
*If you ever have a friend like Tina Smith tell you that you really need to take a break, but you tell her that you can’t and tells you to "get over it", listen to her. Thank you for driving, thank you for putting up with my crazy rants, and thank you for letting me "giggle like a school girl". You are a wonderful person and wonderful friend. I love you like you were part of my family and that ain’t a lot of people, lady. Consider yourself on the V.I.P. list for life.

I’m back home now and returning back to my regular life. But at least I have photos (I need to develop them as my digital camera crapped out on me, so you’ll see ’em soon) and great memories.I hope I don’t have to wait another four years to get away from it all. Now excuse me while I look at my Medieval Times DVD.

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