Friday, April 25, 2008

Go, Speed, GO!

I am so hyped up to see the new "Speed Racer" movie, but I still have my doubts on whether or not it's going to stand up to my geekness. Now, just as a refresher, here below you is footage of the show, cut into a 1990 music video by Alpha Team. It's from the Ninties because it's got that bit of techno cheese on it. Plus, the "live action" version of Speed, Trixie, and Racer X look blah.

Below you now is the NEW OFFICIAL music video for the movie, coming in two weeks. I have to say that it really looks like you'ren watching a cartoon when you're watching this clip, all the way to the end. It looks like I'll be at the theater seeing this one as well.

Go Speed Racer Go Music Video

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