Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Rise Of The Fantasic Four

I just had one of the best phone calls I have ever had in over, well eighteen years. After a long worry that lasted nearly two decades and search on Classmates that lasted all of ten minutes, including registration, I was on the phone with my long lost sister Terri. This was the greatest reunion since Led Zepplin banged it out last year.

Many readers know by now that I come from a huge family, mostly the fault of my old man not keeping it in his pants. He only got it right five times: Me, my brother Rocky,my late brother Eric, and my sisters Adrienne and Terri. There would be nothing to separate us when we were younger as we were as thick as thieves and sharp as knives. We were young, hot and cool. Boys thought the sisters were hot and girls were hot for the brothers. We were inseparable until the man who helped to create us would destroy us from within and we all went our own ways as adults. Eric passed away, but the rest still survived. Rocky is now the operations manager at a major uniforms company in Atlanta. Adrienne is fighting the war in Iraq from time to time for the Army. As for me, I became, well, you're reading it. As for Terri, she just disappeared without a trace. Not a bang nor a whimper. Simply poof and she was gone. It had been eighteen years. Until tonight.

Rocky and I got to talking and once in a while we would wonder where our lost sister was and how were things. Last week, we both decided that something needed to be done about it and soon. Rocky told me that he thought that she might be on Classmates as he got a note from her a few days before, but he wasn't able to verify it was her. I took up the search and after looking through the Savannah High School class of 1989, I finally found her name in the roster and left her a quick note on Sunday. It just said, "It's your brother. We need to talk". The next day, I received a note back saying that it was indeed my kid sister and she's been looking for me! She left me her number and she said that I should give a call as soon as I could so we could play catch up. I called up Rocky and gave him the great news then we argued about who should call her first. Ahhhh, brotherly love.

I first called her earlier today and got her voice mail to which I left her a message that I would be calling her later. Rocky got the jump on me and talked to her first this afternoon. Little putz. I would get my chance later this evening after work and night class. When I finally did talk to her for the first time in years, it was 9:25 pm and I just walked out of Family Law for another Wednesday night. She almost didn't recognize my voice when she heard me, but I knew hers. I was finally talking to my sister. Which wasn't long the first time as I was going home, but I was going home. Once I did however, after making a Taco Bell stop, that I would finally sit down as we can find out all about the Mystery of The Missing Sister.

I made that second call and we talked a lot. I won't let you in on all the details of what was said, but we both finally happy to be together once again after so long. For the first time in a long time, I was happy it seems and so was she. We briefed each other on our gains and losses over the years and how much has changed. Terri has two boys now, one's thirteen and the other's fourteen and now they have two new uncles. I could not be any prouder than that.

Terri and I spent over two hours on the phone until I said we should go to bed. She has kids to raise and I have to plug in to dialysis tomorrow. Still, we knew that from this point on, if she needs me, I'll be there for her and I hope she feels the same way. I have a handful of friends out there that I can depend on and other older brothers and sisters that are there for me to talk to, but Terri, Rocky and Adrienne were close enough to my age when we were all teens that we could talk to each other and the other understood. Our father may have slept with different women, but we were as tight as if we lived in one big house. When we split up, it hurt a hell of a lot. But now, slowly but surely we are now coming together once again. I have never been more happier and I can't wait until the Fantastic Four reunites again after so long.

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