Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stuff I Like


A good steak

A baby when it laughs

How I Met Your Mother (LEGEN-)

A soft pillow

A cold Slushie

The smell of the backyard after it's been mowed (DARY)

A good private joke

Mel Blanc


A good plate of spaghetti

My Superman t-shirt

Dr. Hoit-Thetford, my college english teacher

the Heroes DVD box set

Grant Morrison

Karaoke on a night when everyone can keep in tune

Turner Classic Movies

Jack Benny

Holding someone in your arms

The theme to The Superfriends

Cool breezes

A good hot shower

Comic book day at The Comic Box

My beta Harry, even though he is a first class a-hole for a fish

Playing out in the snow with my dog Hunter while Donna makes us a nice warm meal. Wait, that one's not mine...

The Kool-Aid Man

Extra change

Bar-B-Q corn chips

Barack Obama

Ain't It Cool

Keith Olberman

Justice League-The New Frontier

A woman who will never know that I have a crush on her

Okay, that's all I have for now.

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