Friday, May 30, 2008

Abstinance From "Sex In The City"

Guess what movie I won't be seeing at midnight?

Okay, here's the thing on this. I was never really a fan of "Sex In The City" in its original run. There was nothing there to interest me. All right, Kim Catrall naked almost every episode was okay, but I am a guy. I'm far from Mas Macho, but I am a guy. I do know of many straight guys who watched the show because their girlfriends or wives watched it and they couldn't escape it and were drawn in. I just never felt the groove.

I know that the film has gotten some good reviews. USA Today gave it three stars. I'm not here to knock the movie and what it stands for at all. I just don't need to see it as I am not the audience. The movie was made for mainly women and good for them I say. With "Iron Man", "Indy 4" and the rest of the Summer flicks, it's cool that ladies have their own movie to go to while us guys get to see stuff blow up.

If a guy does go to see "Sex", he'll either be gay or forced by his woman to go. The latter I can definitely see happening. He'll grouse about the fact that he doesn't want to go and his lady friend will tell him that HE WILL GO WITH HER TO SEE THIS MOVIE. After getting the stink eye from her, he will give in and say very meekly, "okay" and go along. If he's quiet after the trailers and watches the movie and doesn't fidget and make any loud fart noises during the big Fashion Week scenes, he may receive a "sumpin-sumpin" at a later date, if you get my drift. Now don't send me letters or comments on this because it's true and you know it. I'm just the only one to say it. Hell, men do the same thing to women. That's right, I said it.

If the playoffs are on and our lady friends come up to us and start asking too many questions about who's that guy and what round is the game in or they want to start talking about their crazy friend at work and you need to listen now and screw the Cowboys, a man will politely tell them that they are watching something important to them and that if they are quiet, they will take out the garbage, wash the dishes, and cook dinner for a whole week. To which, men won't do for the whole week because we are lazy bums anyway and screw the whole thing up for everybody. Alright, just me. But you get the picture.

I hope that "Sex In The City" does huge at the box office and makes as much as "Iron Man" did it's first weekend out. I hope that folks everywhere enjoy the antics of the ladies once again. I'll save my money however and wait for "The Incredible Hulk" on June 13th, the day before my birthday. If it makes you feel any better because of this post, yes. I will probably be going stag. That's a a shame. Then wagain, the way ticket and concession prices are these days, I think I may be better off.

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