Thursday, May 29, 2008

Be It Ever So Humble...

Meet the New blah-blah, same as the Old blah-blah-blah.

Well, it looks like you made it over from My Space. Glad to see you here. By now, you've looked over the place. Kicked the tires, popped the hood and all that good rot. Now you ask, "This is okay, I guess. But what's in it for me? How's the mileage on this thing?" Let me sit you in the seat here and tell you all about this. How about a lovely soda for ya? You hungry? We got donuts.

First off, I've been working on this for nearly five years, as of June 29th. Since then if you will look to the left and below in the archives, I talk about a lot of things. You can Google almost every topic I've ever talked about here and there's a bunch. I also have a penguin named Carl Wintergarten Who loves the visitors here, because you can feed him fish.

One more thing I have here is the freedom to cut loose. I know what most of you are thinking, that he could do that on My Space. Not really. When I was doing that blog, it felt like I could be a bit angrier. I could spit out the F-bomb there and no one would say anything. While I do like saying the F-bomb a bunch, I felt as though being angry a lot wasn't helping my writing. That was the whole reason I started writing again: for the sheer fun of it. Well, I'm bringing the fun back to blogging again.

I'm going to talk about my life, which of course has its little twists and turns and I'm gonna have fun writing about it. No moping or griping or bitching about it. "It is what it is" I always say and I'll talk about it here, warts and all.

I'm gonna talk about things that jerk my chain. Not about folks I know in private, as I'll save that for when I see folks that tick me off in behind closed doors and I think I've gotten rid of them anyways, so this should be easy. You can expect the return of the annual Miss Celebrity Skank Awards soon, with the adding of Mr. Celebrity Douche Bag afterwards. Oh yeah, we'll have some fun with this one.

Also, there's loads of You Tubery here. Lots of it, when I'm too tired from dialysis. You'll either get a cheesy cartoon, bad 80's video, or coming soon, "Underground Savannah". This will be the ONLY PLACE to see it as I don't want to see myself all over the place.

OF course, the biggest thing reason for you to be here is, truthfully you the reader. I really want to hear from you and what you think about this place and what goes on here. You can leave a comment here and not worry about when I'll look over it and post it. Just leave your name and email address in the comments (you don't have to have a website to add a comment) and click in the box if you want to see a follow up to what you said and you may receive it very quickly. I can really be prompt on these things.

Like I said, drive it around. Have a look at a few things. Click on one of the many supporters on the blogroll (I have my favorites in there and if you ask me in private I can give you one or two of them **cough**!**cough-cough****) and let me know what you think. I hope you like what you see.

Oh, just one more thing from me. To quote The Reverend Run in his "Raisin' Hell" days, "We've had a whole lot of superstars on this here stage tonight. But I want y'all to know one thing: THIS IS MY M*********** HOUSE!"

I'm tired of using that Who line, that's why.

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