Monday, May 12, 2008

Buying Someone on My Space and The "N" Word

I know, I know. I'll just try to make it brief, all right?

I saw that My Space has now applets that folks can use. I looked at them and I really think they're cute, but I really don't have time for any of them. I did notice that a few of my pals here have used them and have challenged me to play trivia or Texas Hold 'Em. I'm just too busy to play. Sorry, gang. Dialysis, college, work and stuff. Oh, and the blogs come first.

Now, I do now that there is an applet that lets you buy someone. Really, tat one is just ridiculous. I got a phone call from one guy who said he had just "paid" for me and I thought it was just goofy, especially who the buyer was. Suddenly, I noticed that I was being "bought" by other people. Here's my thing, and maybe I may sound picky about it but what do I get out of being bought? WHERE'S MY PIECE? I mean, you bums may be thinking you're getting something good, but I am not seeing one dime out of it. Hell, if you really want to make this good, GET ME A FRICKIN' KIDNEY SO I CAN LEAD A SEMI-NORMAL LIFE AGAIN. I mean, I feel like these boobs are trying to pimp me out. And no, I will not buy you, dear reader. Think about that for a moment as I ease into the next subject.

I don't know what got into the water, but I have been hearing the "N" word lately, and not just from stupid assed strangers, but from folks I know. I guess most of you know me by now and know that I really don't like that word. I mean, slavery's over, Rosa Parks sat in the front seat, Martin marched, Malcolm yelled, Hank got 715 and now we could have a Black president soon. I think the time for the use of the word is done, at least with me. I tire of hearing the word and not jst from my own race. From folks I know and trust. I don't care whether how it's said, with an "r" at the end or an "a". I am sick of hearing it come from anyone's mouth. That being said, this is how I will handle it. As before in a previous post, I said goodbye to some of the drama in my life and haven't looked back. I am now officially getting rid of the "N" word in my life. If you are my friend, I hope that you will never use that word in my presence EVER again. This goes to everyone, Black, Asian, Hispanic, or White. To my Black, African-American, Sepia, whatever we've decided on, I know that we kinda use it when no one else is around. But just even saying it in private gets us in trouble. I know what Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle said. But that just gave every White frat boy a reason for them to tell the bit to their buddies. Let's just keep it down. I'm looking at you, Lil' Wayne.

As for the rest of you races, I'm telling you now to just stop it. Some of you think I'm talking about you and maybe I am. Let's face facts that I'm not the the stereotypical Black man. Hell yeah, I can belt out Skynard some nights better that what's on tour now. Right, I don't let my pants sag below my ass, I don't drive a pimped out ride, I can work an Hip Hop and R&B Leader just as mush as I can work Savannah's Best Rock and you wouldn't know the difference. I am not a White guy trapped inside of a Black man, which I do truthfully joke about. But I do know the truth that I am a Black man who has busted his hump and did so much to make sure that he doesn't become a thug, a pimp, or a hustler just like his father was. I am proud of my race and at the same time it angers me to see what has become of some of it. I hope that one day, as people are becoming more and more multicultural and the races are mixing together more often, we can all become a people of change and hope. Sorry, I guess you can see who I'm rooting for, but it is what it is.

To wrap this all up, I am glad that you all are my friends. I hope you understand why I don't use the applets and will never buy, sell or trade anyone for a profit. If you are truly my friend, you will understand and respect my wishes. If not, when why were we even friends in the first place? I hope it was for all the right reasons.

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