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That was the simple review. This is the much longer version of that.

When I first heard that Jon Favreau was going to direct "Iron Man", I was quite happy. I knew he was a smart, funny guy that gets the the whole comic book thing. Then I found out Robert Downey, Jr.had been cast as Tony Stark and I like millions of other people were now hyped to see what they would do. In the comics, Tony Stark is a damaged man. He drinks, he's a womanizer and sometimes, a complete a-hole who is now trying to redeem himself by becoming a superhero. Downey too is also a damaged man. I think we've all heard of his drug and alcohol problems and has been clean now for a few years. He now tries to redeem himself by becoming a superhero with much success.

Downey shines as Tony by simply playing his own offscreen persona: a smart, very witty guy. He could have gone for the typical superhero M.O. of being a brooding wimp out of the costume, but Stark is quick with a one liner. He tels a robot assiastant at one point that if he screws up again, he'll ship it off to a research center.You can't keep your eyes off him, in or out of armor the entire time.

As for the armor, it is amazing. Stan Winston based the designs straight from the comic and looks dead on. I'm glad they went with this version of the Iron Man armory. Back in the Seventies, there was one suit that had a nose. I kid you not...A nose on the face plate. Google it: Iron Man with a nose.

As for the other actors, Gwyneth Paltrow does a great job as Tony's assistant Pepper, with a quick line just as funny as Downey. Terence Howard as Jim Roades, Tony's best friend and military contact hangs in there. At one point, he looks at one of the Iron Man suits and says, "Next time, baby". In the comics, Jim also has his own armor as War Machine, so expect to see that in the sequel. Jeff Bridges plays dirty as Obidiah Stane, C.E.O. of Stark Industries as a man who the song "Backstabbers' by the O'Jays was written for. Oh eyah, and Stan Lee shows up as well. He has to as he is Stan "The Man" Lee who co-created the character.

In all, the movie is a wild ride that will make you happy that someone made a really good, not sucky comic book movie. Marvel took a risk by taking a semi-known (outside of comics) superhero and turned it into not a man of iron, but a man of gold. I highly reccomend this.

Oh, and stick around after the credits. You will be rewarded. You think Iron Man is the only other superhero?

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