Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Mother Of A Day

M is for the Many times she made me get my lazy ass out of bed to get an education.

O is for the fact that she was Only the best cook in the world.

T is for Trying her damndest to raise nine kids on her own and she did wonderfully.

H is for putting up with all the Hell we raised and the Hell she raised back when we messed up badly.

E is for Everyday that she would hug us when we were good and scold us when we screwed up.

R is for, in my opinion Really, the greatest woman that ever walked the face of the Earth and beyond.

Put it all together and they spell Sara Elizabeth Gordon, my mother. She's gone but never forgetten. Thanks, mom.

By the way, if you forget to get your mom a gift today, you can use this post as a letter for her. You unoriginal boob. Next year, get her a diamond to make up for it big time.

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