Friday, May 23, 2008

Pork 'N Beans For Memorial Day!

Let's see, I saw "Indiana Jones 4" on Wednesday night at midnight along with some of The Summer Movie Posse and thought it was a great movie. I'll give you the short review here: It's kind of like saying that Strawberry is the least favorite flavor of Neopoltian ice cream, but it's still pretty durn good. I'll try and post a couple of photos up this weekend for you.

Speaking of which, I can finally upload cell phone photos online now, so you can expect to see some ridiculous stuff here soon. I think the best photos are the one that have movement and action that makes it look more natural. Look for those on the horizon.

No, I did not go to the blogger 's seminar on Wednesday. I was sick and tired literally that morning and needed to rest. I heard it was okay until they got into computer speak. You know, "Will this stuff go to Linux", or "If my wifi can't connect into the motherboard, can I just strip it into my chichiwhadilly and flux in onto my paradiddil so I can have access to my Oom-mau-mau" or something like that. Also, my laptop is old and the other guys would have laughed me out of the room.

I've got some wonderful things coming up for this very site in the near future as we get closer to our fifth anniversary of blogging. This site has gone from a dog and pony show to a dog, pony and dancing pig show so I think it's time for new things here. That doesn't mean changing the template as I think folks like the familiar, so the best thing for me to do is don't screw what's worked so far. Plus, I don't feel like fighting any HMTL right now. Look for some exciting news here soon, and that includes "Underground Savannah".

Finally, I leave you with Weezer and their new song "Pork and Beans", in what could be the marching song for this page as we've delved into the pop culture of the internet, especially You Tube and it's many "stars". Just watch and guess how many of these folks you've seen online at 3 in the morning. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend and I'll talk to you after Monday!

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