Monday, May 05, 2008

"You (sometimes don't really) gotta have friends"....

Most of you readers here @ Sam-a-rama may or may not know that I usually run the same posts here or on the My Space site to get readers on both ends. Sometimes, I'll run a special post that only runs there or vice-versa. On Sunday, it was a very personal post there. By the time most read the last post, they said, "Oh, crap. Sam used the F-word. He must be pissed." Well, at the time that I wrote it, which was 4am on a late Saturday night, I was. I had an incident happen to me that involved someone I cared deeply about who sadly went off the deep end when all that should have happened was that they should have walked away from their problem and just try to enjoy themselves. Instead, they let pride be their downfall and caused major embarrassment. At first, I felt at fault because my friend didn't listen to me and I couldn't reign them in. Then I realized that they were on their own and there was nothing I could really do about it. When it was all said and done, even the police want anything to do with it. It was a mess the entire way all around and yes, alcohol was involved. Yes, the F-word I used in that post was the word "friends".

I don't think that posting all the details of what happened will solve anything from that night. Like I said before, it was messy. But, it did involve someone I liked very much. However, that person had way too much drama in their lives. I mean we all do, and sometimes people inflate it way too much to the point to where it can sometimes take over their lives, which is not for the best. I know that I have mine, but I've learned from other people who are my friends to just shake it off and just keep moving. That is not just some line Matthew McConeghey just throws out there. It's true. If you just keep your head straight and let things pass quietly, your life will be less stressful and more peaceful. I've had to learn that over the years and I fell much better for it. However, my friend did not and went through what I saw as a meltdown that wasn't needed. This is why I wrote what I did. No apologies whatsoever.

As for my friend, in truth I don't think we'll be friends anymore, at least at this time or anytime to be determined. As I stated in the post, I really sorry but I don't have time to rally around something that's not worth fighting for, including a fight. I was that way a long time ago and I'm older now and those days of being a two-fisted, crossed-eyed punk looking for trouble. I'm older, wiser, and quite truthfully, my feet hurt. I've had to learn to live alone and face my own drama head on and I have come out the better for it. It may even be the reason that I'm single now, but when it comes to having to hear from someone about how life sucks and they don't do anything about it to solve their own problems and expect me to sit there and listen and take it, then I have to pass.

Also as in the last post, I will not mention any names. This goes to everyone out there who can't take care of themselves and expect someone else to just take pity. There's nothing wrong with having a shoulder to lean on, but when you put your back out trying to hold another person up is hell and I can't do that anymore. I'm not addressing on person here, but I am addressing those that I do know who are Oscar winners when it comes to the dramamtic: STOP IT. It does no good to you and in the end because you bring it on yourself and you wnat everyone to suffer with you. Either it is a lousy job, an abusive relationship, even the guy who serves you the wrong coffee. FIX IT. It doesn't take bitching and moaning. It doesen't take screaming or violence. It takes a clear head. Once you have that, then everything else will work out fine and no more drama. in closing, to those of you I've lost as friends because of this one post, then I say once again "Good luck, good night and God Bless". I really do hope that you get your life in order and things will one day become better for you. Then maybe one day, once you have your life in order, maybe we'll see how I willl fit into your life as a friend, if I decide to take that road once again.

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