Monday, May 19, 2008

Still Can't Sleep. Must Stilll Post....

Thank you all who jumped over fro the My Space blog to this page. I hope there was no turbulence along the any getting here. If you missed what I talked about earlier, just go to the My space blog for all the details. I don't feel like giving you a "story so far", so shet yer piehole.

I do want to once again announce that May 17th has now come and gone and there are no "Underground Savannah" clips up yet. That's because I've been talking to my family a lot as of late now that the Fantastic Four has reunited. Of you are wondering, I was The Thing of the group. I needed to take of all the real world stuff before I could sit and cut the show like I'd like. There is a plan however and I'm not making it up as I go along.

On June 29th, I will be celebrating my five years of blogging. I really don't know if that is a milestone in blogging, but I am older than Perez Hilton, The Huffington Post, and TMZ and they can all suck it. I plan on celebrating it asomehow and I hope that I will have up choice (read: actually funny) clips up soon. Be patient and your wish will be granted.

Just a couple of notes for this week for you all. This week here in Savannah, an organization called the Creative Coast Alliance will be holding a blogging seminar this Wednesday. Truthfully, I've never been all that attracted to something like this, but It's free and they got food, to be honest. I just hope that they have something important to talk about. I'll try to get some photos from the event, probably from me being bored or choking someone out.

Also this Friday, I'll be hosting Karaoke this Friday night @ Pepino's Restaurant at the Oglethorpe Mall, starting at seven. They have great Mexican meals and the margaritas are like heaven. Also, I'm doing a song or two. If you can make it come on out. Don't forget, I also have Steed's Tavern on Saturday as well, starting at eight and going on until I get pooped. Really, I'd hope to see you at both.

Okay, you've seen both blogs at work today and I think I'm sleepy enough to get some sleep. Nighty-night.

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