Sunday, June 15, 2008

I have a hangover

Yep, the birthday party was perfect last night. There was bad singing, because I was told that I would be singing whatever everyone put up on the karaoke list, which meant that I did "Like A Virgin", "Barbie Girl" and such most the night. However, every song they put up would cost them five bucks each, so I made 60 bucks. Also, there were girls there. Okay, a girl and she was drunk and hot in a Amy Winehouse kinda way and she spanked me 42 times and one for good luck. Oooh, and then the cops showed up twice because some underage punk came into the bar. It's really not a great party until the cops show up at some point. Oh, and I had good champagne. A few glasses. I had four shots of Jameson Irish Whiskey and two Jagermiester shots and felt fine the whole night without a buzz. It was the champagne however that did me in. So I sit here at a keyboard and try to type before I do my radio show on E-93. This could be a really good show today.

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