Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

Friday is going to be crazy for me. It turns out that my bestest friend ever Ronnie is getting married tomorrow, which I can say I'm excited for. There's only one problem. I almost forgot it was happening this Friday. I mean, I knew it was gonna be on a Friday, but I thought it was gonna be, like two Fridays from now. Yeah, I got the invite and all that. Hey, I AM EVEN IN THE WEDDING. I just forgot what day it was. Here, have a cookie and listen.

I get the phone call yesterday morning. The phone call woke me up.

Ronnie: You awake yet, sunshine?

Me: Yeah, yeah. I'm up. What's happening?

Ronnie: You got everything set?

Me: Yeah. I"ll call Rody's Music for the DJ setup, I'll get the wedding music for you, I"ll get the shoes. We're ready for Friday.

Ronnie: Yep. Just a couple of days away.

Me: Wait. It's this Friday?

Ronnie: Yes, dumb ass. I get married this Friday.

Me: Ooooh. Okay. Well, I'd better wake up and get cracking then, huh?

In one day, I got the DJ setup, I got the music, and I got the shoes. I rented the car today so I don't have to drive the Escort to South Carolina to see it break down, as it is a piece of shite. Still, I am ready for my pal Ronnie's wedding. I'm proud of the ol' hat and glad that he's finally jumping the broom. I just regret having the be the one to play The Carpenters. For that, I could stay in bed.

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