Friday, June 27, 2008


Well, this sucks.

First up, I never got to go to Sam's Club. I got shanghaied by some friends who wanted to go off to drink after work then go do karaoke. I told them that I had some grown up stuff to do, but I wound up hanging out with the gang (not drinking, by the way) until dark and by that time, Sam's was closed. So, the last post is now for nothing.

Second, and this is the most important thing. This Sunday is the fifth anniversary of "Sam-a-Rama"/"The Real Sam Johnson Show" and I won't be able to celebrate it like I wanted to originally. The plan was to get spruced up around here and maybe a new template or two and see if it worked. I had also planned to have "Underground Savannah" footage up by now, but no such luck since my home computer is now dead. This is all you are going to get for an anniversary post. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Hell, I won't even be around a computer this Sunday to even post anything. So, let's just do this now. Big hyperbole and all that.

Here's what I wrote on that very first post on Sunday, June 29th, 2003...

"Anyway, I don't know if my life will be any different from what any other blogger puts online. I don't really follow politics much. I'm sort of a pop culture geek who keeps his eyes out on fads, trends, etc. I do have some interesting friends and wild stories to post online ( at least, the ones that are clean enough). If I have at least one hook to this whole blog thing for you to want to keep up with me is that fact that I'm on dialysis. To me, it's just another day, but others worry, so I try to keep them updated."

Other than correcting the bad spelling (HA!), I think I've done my best to keep up my end of the deal. I've dipped into pop culture and had some fun so far. I've kept those concerned with my personal life as well, letting you all in on some of the interesting things that go on in my neck of the woods. I could have sat in front of a keyboard and just yammered on about how I had the greatest sandwich in the world and took a nap in every post, but I thought I would just do that once in a blue moon to see if anyone was looking.

Since I've come along, I've seen other blogs that have come and gone quickly. I came in once the term "blog" was starting to get noticed by the world and then people started to jump on the bandwagon so they could be as hip as everyone else. Afterwards, those who wanted to keep on writing stuck around. I did as I figured that I had nothing else to do on the web until You Tube showed up and I've been here ever since. I've gone through a name change, at least five template changes, over ten surgeries, helped and tried to work on six other blogs, deaths of friends and family, three moves, two computers and one a-hole of a pet and I'm not talking about Carl Wintergaten.

The important thing is that with all the crap that I have been through in the past five years, I'm still posting. I guess that's not a bad thing. Am I gonna keep on even though I don't have my home network for now? To paraphrase producer Robert Evans, you bet your ass I will. There's no way I can give it up now. This site has been my outlet to the world and sometimes, my only connection. There are millions of sites out there on the web and it's hard to noticed out there with all the cool stuff and I just have a penguin. It's feels great to get a comment once in a while from someone who reads your thoughts online. So once again, I got that going for me.

Now, who do I thank for wanting me to keep on keeping on?

First, Dave Hewitt. He was the first person to ever leave a comment here and has stuck around ever since. Thanks for that. By the way, I almost posted that photoshoped pic of you, just for a laugh or three, but I can't find it at the moment.

Next, the state of Montana. I made a lot of friends there thanks to this blog and if I had the opportunity, would be there this Summer, as I wish every Summer, to ride a horse along the Great Falls. There's way to many folks out there in the entire state for me to mention so I'll say thank you specifically to Randy, David (my fellow Green Hornet fan), and especially Pandora Zowada. I miss your posts and I hope that one day you will return to us soon. Oh, and Carl misses Tippy.

To Tom Sutpen for his friendship and wonderful photos. You're a good man, Tom.

To Brent McKee, who I would not have found if I had not gotten an email from Tony Figueroa saying "Read 'Child Of Televison'" and I got mixed up with the two of them. Cheers, fellas.

To SwanShadow, for the letters and encouragement. Plus, he won a lot of money on "Jeopardy". Not as much as that Ken guy, but he did good enough. Thanks, Uncle Swan. We must do a tune or two one day.

A Kirby Crackle comic book shout out to The Retropolitan, Mike Sterling, and Kevin Church who I tried to start and friendly internet feud so I could get a few extra hits early on. We could have been Jack Benny and Fred Allen, Church.

To Ivan Shreve, Jr. who I did start an Benny/Allen feud with, even though we are very good friends. Your membership in the League of Savannah Bloggers is still there, even though you moved to Athens, Georgia, where he can drink all the Mountain Dew and eat all the Varsity chili dogs he wants. By the way, you owe 47 dollars and sixty-two cents for the fez you got before you left. Pay up, boy or the wolves are knocking on your door. As you can tell folks, I'm Jack Benny.

To Mark Evanier. It was reading his blog that got me into wanting to do this, so he has been a kind of guide on how to do this and how to say it. All of the past five years have been your fault, sir. This is the revenge I give to you for having a hand in creating Scrappy Doo. Other than that, thank you for the advise and keeping The Spirit alive.

Oh yeah, and thanks to everyone else in the blogroll. I put you all there because I like you all.

Most importantly, thank you dear reader. You've put up with all my crap over the years and I'm glad that you did. From Goth Girl Blog Day to National Gorilla Suit Wearing Day to the Least Sexiest Woman in the World. From the days that first posted a You Tube clip to the times that I posted an actual podcast. From Sam-a-Palooza to "Truthidity", to who looks hotter, Jennifer or Bailey on "WRKP in Cincinnati"(it was always Bailey) . From the good days to the bad ones. From "The Real Sam Johnson Show" to "Sam-a-Rama".

One more thing from that first post...

"So, that's me in a nutshell. I do have allot to say, and I'll be here to say it, now that I have a forum. Please come back from time to time and let me know what you think after you've read a few lines of my life, views, and whatever else spews."

Y'all come now, ya hear? Thanks.

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Miss you, Sam!