Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here's What We Know So Far...

I'll make it brief with bullet points, as most of you are busy, as well as myself.

*Sonograms and Doppler have discovered that there is no discernible blood flow in my left leg, which could lead to surgery soon. The status on when it will happen is still unknown as of this time.

*My walking is somewhat better thanks to flip-flops purchased at the CVS pharmacy. I would have worn them today, but Savannah is going through heavy rains today and I would wind up with a flu. One thing leads to another, as The Fixx would say.

*If there are two Americas, is Elizabeth Edwards the blue wife or the red wife?

*Richard Pryor-DEAD. George Carlin-DEAD. Bernie Mac-DEAD. Dane Cook-STILL BREATHING, DAMMIT.

*Musinex Nasal Spray+Zyrtec+Corrag (2) x Tylenol= good times at school.

*Why is it that after I watch the Olympics, I feel like I want a huge plate of lo mien?

If you have any other questions please see Mr. Shreve as he has the minutes of the last meeting.

By the way...All that Russia/Georgia stuff? It's not us, but thanks for the candy grams.

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