Sunday, August 31, 2008

No West, Young Man

You see this empty seat? This was supposed to filled by the ass of TV's Adam West at Dragon*Con for a Sunday morning chat. Adam never showed up. Instead, he went straight to the autograph room and charged FIFTY BUCKS a pop for his signature. So how did a room full of nerds bide their time while they waited on Bat Guano?

This guy. Ron Nastrom, in charge of American Sci-Fi at the Con. He looks a bit like Denny Crane era Shatner, but without the ego. Ron filled the waiting time by telling stories about his convention days of years past. Folks found out that former "Doctor Who" Jon Pertwee had a cheeta for a pet in England, another Doctor thought he was getting propositioned, Christopher Reeve was as he was  on screen and a munster of a child actor was a bit hairy and a lot of an jackhole. Read between the lines on that one. Then, a Batman showed up.

 Then, another Batman showed up and we had two Batmen and no TV's Adam West.
West never showed up. Near the end, I didn't care. I still had a wonderful time hanging out with other fans and had a few jokes on Mr. West's behalf. Thanks for the great stories and the great time, Ron. You helped to make this convention the best one ever for me.

COMING SOON Tales of The Adventures of The Fickle Fat Fudge Fiend! 

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