Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pop Music

I figured since I have to work a few extra hours at the radio station tonight (by the time most of you read this, day will have already broken), So I thought let's play some music. Okay, anybody remember the group Starbuck? They were a one hit wonder with the tune "Moonlight Feels Right" back in 1975. I found a clip of a Japanese pop star named Yukihiro Takahashi who does a great cover of the song.

Here's another one hit wonder. It's "Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)" by reunion from 1974. The clip is great and you'll be singing this one all day at work, I promise.

Let's hear Leslie Gore with her last Top Ten hit "California nights" featuring some lovely Sixties starlets: Yvette Mimeiux, Tuesday Weld and Carol Lynley.

Finally, what if they made music videos in the Fifties to sell movies? Here's a mash up of Micheal Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" as done to the style of the man Mchael stole all his moves from, Mr. Fred Astaire. You will be wowed over this one.

Man, I miss doing podcasts now.

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