Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Cleaning

I knew I was going to take a break from Fall classes when I cleaned Harry's bowl a few weeks ago. I scooped him up and placed him into "second home" when I realized that I really need to be doing the same thing to my own place. I began to look around my place when I noticed nthat I was living in one Hell of a mess. This was when I knew I needed a breather.

I didn't want to have a hiatus, however since South University doesn't really have anything to offer me this quarter, I thought it was time to play catch up at home. My schedule has been way too much for me as of late and I have been truly ignoring my home. It still surprises folks when they find out that I live in a two story carriage and shocks them even more once they come over and see the place. The sad thing is the downstairs has clothes, books, papers and other junk all over the floor. I didn't want it or needed it to be that way, but when I get home from anything these days, I just want to flop on the love seat and sleep. I need to mention that I am getting rid of the love seat here, too. If I'm going to flop on something after a long day, it sure as Hell better be more comfortable as what I have now.

I started out today with the idea of getting started on what would be a one week project: Operation Clean Assed House. What this means is that ground forces will begin from the bottom floor and work its way up to the top floor until the objective is made to maintain and uphold a clean, if not decent household. The operation began at 01100 hours when the first strike was made at the shoe shelf near the front door that also holds various papers that have stacked up over time. The papers when trashed and taken to the garbage outside, where then sanitation men swiftly came and "liquidated" what was there. The shelf was then taken by a neighbor who thought it could rehabilitated. The shoes are still scattered across the floor and will be picked up later this evening to end any confusion during the ground war.

Wow, I just turned into General Swartzkof there for a moment. Sweet.

The thing is that I have a few weeks to gert my place together before the holidays, which I really am looking forward to this year, if you'll forgive the early birdness of it. It also gives me a chance to clear my head as well and concentrate on me for bit, internally. Not just from a medical standpoint, but from a mental standpoint. It's been since January of 2007 that I started on the road of education and it's been a bumpy one. I've made it as far as I could to get to the point of where I am now a sophmore , which I think is exciting. I made it through the pits to get there, through good days and bad and not one break whatsoever, not counting my hospital stay last year. It's time that I get to catch a break for once and breath some fresh air so I can be ready for 2009 and Winter quarter.

Which reminds me that I need to open a couple of windows and let a good breeze in before I sweep up.

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