Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"I'm The g@%#&@*^ Spirit."

I have been waiting to write about this for a long time and today is finally here. I've also had no sleep in over 24 hours due to the fact that I am out of Ambein CR and I had a Final in algebra, so I'm feeling all cocky.

A long time ago, there was a comic book atrist named Frank Miller who drew a comic book named "Daredevil". He was so good at drawing it, he wanted to write it as well. So he asked Marvel Comics if he could and soon the comic book was one of best ever made. Soon, he became a legend and decided that he wanted to draw Batman as well. So, he asked DC comics if he could and he came up "The Dark Knight Returns" and he became an even bigger legend. Then, he came up with his own books like "Sin City" and "300" and Frank became a superstar. Then Hollywood called him and they made movies of his books and they made lot and lots of money. But somewhere in there, somewhere in his head, his long head with a face full of stubble and a lanky body to hold it up, something popped. Like a child's balloon squeezed too hard. Frank didn't care. The world loved him. Hollywood loved him. Popped brain and all.

Then Frank started writing "All Star Batman and Robin" and all kind of $#!% broke loose to the public. Click on the pics to see yourself, thanks to Rich Johnston (no relation because he's a Brit and has a "t" in his name, the  educated bastard I told you I feel cocky.)

Frank Miller made the innocent Batgirl cuss up a storm in issue # 10 that was supposed to come out today and snuck it past the editors at DC Comics. Now DC is telling all stores that ordered the book to send it back so it can never, ever, EVER see the light of day.

Somewhere, Frank Miller is laughing at everybody.

Right now, Frank is putting the finishing touches on his full directorial debut, The Spirit, based on the classic comic by Will Eisner.
This is Frank's version.
This is the original version.
Okay, this wasn't drawn by Will Eisner. This was drawn by Dave Gibbons, but this is how The Spirit should look.
All I'm saying is this. Frank Miller has gone bat-shite crazy and he could ruin a great character in The Spirit when it opens this Christmas in theaters. If he does, I will be the angriest men on the planet as long as one of the Swiss made black holes don't screw things up. Then again, it could spare us all from what could be the weirdest, meanest Christmas present ever.
Pray for Batgirl. Pray for The Spirit.

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