Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tales of The Adventures of The Fickle Fat Fudge Fiend!

Beware! The 4-F strikes fast and hard! Ladies, he is raiding your fridge! Lock up your chocolates and sweets! He could be THE MOST DIABOLICAL MASTERMIND EVER! I heard he tipped a cow once! Really! 
He was gonna eat that cake! Then he found out it had a guy's hand in it and it was really a puppet named Cakey. So he punched the guy in the nose and ran off with it anyways. 4-F felt creepy afterwards.
 The 4-F loves the ladies. The ladies aren't too sure about him. But he smells of fudge, so they show up to him anyways.
This is Zack, also known as The 4-F's henchman Mandrake. Mandrake is only fifteen and The 4-F could be breaking some child labor laws and stuff . But there are fringe benefits.

Here's a photo of a lounging Harley Quinn. 4-F wanted to made her his sidekick, but then a Joker gave him a front kick. The 4-F REALLY hates The Joker now.
This lady was creepy/hot. She just stared and kept saying, "Bay-bee! Bay-bee!" These are the kinds of women 4-F winds up with in the end. The ones with the "crazy eyes".
  4-F challenges Robert Downey, Jr. to a fight. It's only after he hits the guy with a steel chair continuously  that it's  not Robert Downey, Jr. in the mask, but the costume is made of plastic. 4-F snuck away quickly and called an ambulance for Iron Guy.
Here is Mandrake with Mexican Silent Bob Wiley. We gave him a dollar. Really.
 4-F plots his revenge on TV's Adam West standing him and others up for not showing up to a Q & A session by sending his sexy band of Fudgecicles up to his room, seduce him, then hide his toupee' and his Viagra! DIABOLICAL, I say!
4-F and Mandrake almost stole this car. Until the owner saw them and she beat the hell out them. "Never mess with a woman from Hiram, Georgia,"  4-F says now.
This makes up for the Shemale Ivy of 2004. Thank you, nice lady.
This is 4-F's new arch nemesis: The Highly Depressed and Suicidal Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

Somewhere, Mandrake's mother cries for him. His father is possibly proud. 4-F just wants to know just how the Hell did Mandrake pull that one off.

 Here, Mandrake has to explain to Tina that he can't wait to see all the Stormtroopers and Wookies at the Convention. Really. Even with the above photos.
This is Morgan, Zack/Mandrake's kid sister and she's gonna blab to Mom and Dad about those photos.
 4-F met up with an anorexic Superman from England. 4-F called him a Limey punk and British Superman called him a bloated sod of a Yank and the two got into a slap fight. The score: British Superman-7, 4-F-13, and each one for the Original Colonies. U.S.A.! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!
With the day done, 4-F climbs upon his Rascal Scooter (nicknamed "Studmuffin") and rolls off into the sunset knowing that someone somewhere is doing something stupid and when they are, he might not be there. Because he might be busy or something like that. But never forget to hold your Slushees  high and remember the good name of AMERICA'S HERO-THE FICKLE FAT FUDGE FIEND! GOD BLESS HIS PEA PICKIN' SOUL!

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