Friday, October 17, 2008

Dirty Laundry

Can I just say that I hate laundromats? Can't stand them whatsoever, really. I think that sometimes maybe the next Presidnet should find a way for every American to have a washer/dryer hookup in every home by 2010.

 Today I went to a laundromat across the street from the apartment, which is only thirty seconds away. However if you count a very busy highway as "away", then it's really like a minute. Now, I do have to say that the place wasn't too bad for what it was. It was very clean and everything seemed to be working well as it should. But when you're used to doing your loads in the privacy of your own home, you kind of get the icky feeling of someone looking over your shoulder while you fold your boxers. I won't lie to you, and you will admit to this as well. When you are at home and you throw the clothes into the washer, you will sometimes throw in that dirty shirt/pants that you happen to be wearing as well. AS it turns out, you can't do that in a public laundromat without getting attacked/leered/photographed/prayed over by someone there. Also, the TV there is on soaps the whole time and you can't change it without losing a hand.

Plus, I don't want folks to know what kind of clothes I have. I wear them everyday, but I don't want them to see what I wash and how. If I want to wash my wites and colors together, so be it. I don't need some busybody tell me, "My young man, you should use Duz! Duz gets the suds!" You also never want to leave your clothes around strangers, too. You walk away one minute and the next thing you know, some bozo could say, "Well, I don't wear size 42 jeans and extra large socks, but I'll try 'em anyways." There's something wrong there, folks.

Here's the other problem I have: I used two commercial washers because I thought it would be easier to wash them that way. Once they were done, I planned on using two dryers that I had staked out my putting my clothes buggy in front of. Once one load was done, I threw it into one of the dryers, then waited for ten minutes for the other washer to be done so I could get the next dryer prepared. While I waited however, I was thwarted by a couple who were also doing the same thing I there for and they took not only my clothes buggy but the dryer I had staked out. I quietly steamed but it was too hot in the building and I would have passed out, so I cooled down quickly. I mean, where is the laundromat ediqute?  Did they not see I put my mark on the dryer? Was I supposed to mark my territory like a wolf or something? Was Sam Johnson gonna have to smack somebody?

I am just going to face the fact that I am stuck with this laundromat no matter what. Since the aprtment is old and doen't have a hookup, I'll have to shlep my clothes there at least once a week if I want to look clean. I just need to remember three things the next time. One, wear clean clothes at the laundromat; two, bring a slingshot to keep folks away from your clothes; and three, bring lots and lots of quarters.

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Anonymous said...

To claim a second dryer, just divvy up your first load into two dryers. Then, when the second wash load is done, transfer the load from one dryer into the other and put you 2nd wash load into the now-empty 2nd dryer. I've been washing clothes at a laundromat since I was 10 and I prefer it that way. In 90 minutes, I'm done for TWO WEEKS, whether I have two loads or six loads. Oh, yeah!
with love, Tina