Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Feud Is On!

Now that things are somewhat back regular with me, it's time to get back to business at the ol' RSJS. I'm reaching out today to fellow bloggers and site to please link to the site to let folks know that I am back in the game for the long haul and don't plan to give up at this point. However, there is one particular blogger out there that I would like to call out. Hence this photo above, cortesy of F.O.O.S. (Friend Of Ol' Sam) Tom Sutpen.

As most of you know from the past, I belong to a ragtag group of bloggers here in town called The League of Savannah Bloggers. I say "ragtag" because there isn't even an actual Leauge, yet I do claim good F.O.O.S Jen Steel (a wonderful lady I also work with) and this cat named Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. (the "G" stands for "Great Googly Moogly"). Now because I thought of the whole concept of a Leauge of Savannah Bloggers, I was El Presidente', which wasn't an easy job for me. After hard thought and prayer, I then decided to pass the torch down to Ivan whom I thought would do a much better job than I would. Then, Ivan decided to move to Athens, Georgia which is home of R.E.M. and The B-52's and leaving the League but holding on to the presidency. Well now, I want it back!


I don't mean to talk bad about Ivan, but he's the kinda guy that would leave you the last sip of Mountain Dew in the fridge, you get me?

He's the kinda guy that whistles the theme song to "Gilligan's Island" all day at work, dig?

I wouldn't say that he's old, but he just called John McCain a "whippersnapper".

There, that should start the "fued' off quite nicely here. i can't wait to see what Ivan does now. Heh-heh-heh...

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