Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Heart Wants What the Heart Wants

Tell me something, folks. Just when did falling in love become quick fix?

I have no idea when it happened or how, but all of a sudden to me it seems that folks are hooking up and falling in and out of love like getting over a head cold and it's driving me nuts. People are starting to leave everything behind they know and hooking up with someone else just was quickly in ways that just don't feel right to me. Case in point: I know of someoe who is getting a divorce after seven years of marrige to run into the arms of another woman. The trick of it is he met her online and they have olny been talking for less than a month. He is even talking about moving near her since she is out of state so they can be closer to each other. When I asked him why is even contemplating this when he has only spent three very physical days wth this woman, he just looked atr me and said, "The heart wants what the heart wants".I almost kicked him square in the nuts for saying that.

Here's the reason for that. A few months ago, One of my best friends told me the same thing when he told me he was leaving his wife for another woman in the middle of a Chinese buffet. I nearly knocked him into the the moo shoo for saying it. I thought that my friend had a gret marrige and were a wonderful couple. I counted on them when my wife left me for another man for no real reason. When I found out that the honeymoon was over, I was devestated. I thought that when you wedded, it was for life under the eyes of whatever God ypou believe in. Once you break it off, at least I think, then the whole relationship was a lie that you lived out for no reason and you can't get the time lost back.

Maybe I'm jealous becasue somene is in a relationship and I'm not. It's just a pain when you hear that someone you know can play with hearts like a bad guitar solo and you're just trying to seek a normal realationship with at least someone who actually has a heart left.

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HouseT said...

In a lot of cases, "love" is the delusion some people use to allow them to do things they have no logical justification for. There are still some people out there (myself included) who think that marriage is for the long haul and not the short run of free booty (yeah, I said it).

Don't get me wrong. I think if things aren't working out in your marriage and it reaches an irreconcilable phase, you should just let it go rather than grip it in a death spiral. To me, marriage is a one day at a time deal where you wake up one day and say to yourself, "Wow. It's been twenty years and I love every minute of it."

But don't be too down. Having just gotten out of a long term relationship a few months ago, I do feel the pangs of loneliness on a few occasions. That, and I do hate the end of summer and the start of warm, sensible clothing. Sorry, got sidetracked. My point being, there are like minded people out there for pretty much everyone. It's just a matter of faith, timing and (if it falls your sphere) Jack Daniels.