Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Holy DVD, Batman!

Okay, this is gonna be kinda complicated here. It involves 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, a bunch of super heroes, a very small video company and me. Take a deep break 'cause here we go...
 You may have heard by now that Fox is suing Warner Brothers over the movie "Watchmen" which is scheduled to be released March 6th, 2009. Fox says it originally had the rights to the film, based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, and that Warner, Paramount and Legendary Pictures (all partners in the film) deny the fact. There's more details here thanks to The New York Times. Fox has stated that would stop the film ever being shown. I think there is a reason for that, along with many other fanboys, for this is what we do.
 Fox and Warner have been in battle for years over the home entertainment rights to a certain campy Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder. The reason being is because Warner owns DC Comics which in turn owns Batman and with the term "company synergy" being used to make a few bucks, The WB would like to make a few dollars from the show. However, Fox bought the rights to the character back in 1965 to make the show, way before Warner Brothers were even thinking that they would be buying a comic book company (Warner didn't buy DC until 1969). Since then, there's been some major bickering about the show being on VHS and now on DVD and who gets the rights. This has made it the most requested TV box set ever.

Here is where the little video company and I come int view. When I went to Dragon*Con in September, I did my best not to spend any money whatsoever. I couldn't. I sweated the whole time I went there, afraid to spend any money because I knew that I had to pay bills at home. I did my damned best not to buy anything, even when I went down to the vendor's area. I fought as hard as I could. But it was too late. I had been hooked by something rare and beautiful: The Complete Batman 1966 Series.

You know how you see something so breathtaking and so one of a kind, sometimes you'll do what you have to do to get it? Yep, that's what happened to me and why I guess I now live in a new apartment. Blame On The Run Video.

Now, I don't want to use derogatory terms talking about these guys, but if you go to a convention like this there are vendors who usually have dvd's of shows that are in the crappiest of viewing conditions. Shows are sometimes taken from video tape that was recored from a VCR that's for shite. They're fuzzy, there's audio/video drop out and even the packaging is awful. Not this time with On The Run. I was quite surprised when they actually played a disc of one of the shows on a flat screen LCD TV amd I was quite impressed. The guy selling this thing was so use that mthis was the best looking version of the shows seen since they originally aired and proved it when the ABC Television bumpers from 1966 opened and closed the show. So impressed, that I bought it. I then took it back to were I was staying that weekend and watched it. I wrote to the company and even told them how happy I was. Just look for Sam J. from Savannah.

So, as it 's late here at the station and I am tired here is my public plea...

Warner, give Fox the DVD rights to Batman. Fox, do not screw this up for the fanboys, geeks and nerds out there. On The Run Video, keep doing what your doing and make me a Green Hornet DVD set annd The Lone Ranger cartoon from 1966 box set.Get this now, Dear Reader, if you can't wait for the dust up to clear, which I hope happens next year, which would kinda piss me off since I bought a dang near perfect copy with some kick-ass bonuses. One more thing here. Don't jusdge me for getting it, please. I'll bet that at least two of you want to watch this on an HDTV.

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