Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Got Nothin'...

Yep, nada. Zip. It's been a sort of all-i-wanna-do-is-just-stay-in-bed day. You've had one of those days, I'll wager. Which means I got nothing much to talk about today, which is good for some and surprising to others. I could talk about how inspiring the 30 minute Obama ad was to me. Or I could talk about how Led Zepplin is going back on tour and not with Robert Plant, which means David Coverdale can finally get that comeback he's been wanting. Swan Shadow is talking about zepplins, but I think the ones he's talking about are different.  Or how Robert Downey, Jr. has signed for two Iron Man sequels and The Real Avengers (cool!). I could talk about how Mark Evanier was supposed to call me, but he hasn't because he's too busy working on a bowl Creamy Tomato Soup. I've never really had tomato soup, ever. So I gues it must be pretty good. That, or he has a deadline to get the latest issue of The Spirit in to DC Comics, which I still read and love.

I could even show a cool clip from the original Alvin and The Chipmunka when Alvin was a real smart ass and not the watered down P.C. version we're stuck with now.

But other than that, I got nothing. I did though get something in the mail from Tina that Brad Meltzer wrote about Superman for USA Weekend. And Bob Ruggerio sent me a four CD box set of Philly Soul before it even hit the stores a few days ago, so thanks to them for those. But I got nothing today. Sorry.


Randy said...

Holy wow Sam! Your nothing is better than my something.

Keep up the good for nothing you do! :-)

HouseT said...

And here I thought my "nothing day" where I end up posting four or five things that I never quite got around to finishing would be epic. What happens when you actually have something going on? :P