Friday, October 24, 2008

Old Panther

THIS is bulls***.

I just read over at Swan Shadow's blog that Marvel Comics is getting rid of T'Challa, The Black Panther and updating the character with a female version.


First off, Marvel has done some interesting things with their superheroes in recent times, including ending Spider-Man's marriage to Mary Jane and killing Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. But this right here is bulls***. T'Challa was the first black superhero to ever be featured in a comic back in a 1964 of The Fantastic Four. But to change the character, even if it means that it maybe a female wearing the costume for a stupid crossover sales gimmick coming in January ("War of the Kings" or some crap like that) isn't worth it. The Panther just got married to Storm from The X-Men, for the love of Pesci! I am so dropping every Marvel comic I buy from my Wednesday pull list just for crap like that. Good work, House of "Ideas".

Also, what the **** is Wesley Snipes gonna do now when he gets out of jail?


Brent McKee said...

I've never been a Marvel reader and stuff like this is why I probably won't start. End Spiderman's marriage because the Editor doesn't like married superheroes? Kill off a character as iconic as the Steve Rogers Captain America and revive Bucky to take over the role? And now making Black Panther a woman? To ad "street cred?" What's she going to do, pal around with Black Widow and Black Cat? Not that DC is all that much better but I'd still rather read their books than Marvel.

HouseT said...

"Also, what the **** is Wesley Snipes gonna do now when he gets out of jail? "

Well, it's not like Wesley hasn't worn a dress before... :P

But seriously, that has lose written all over it. If I wasn't following BP when they were writing Storm like a 20 year old American girl, I certainly won't tune in for a new gimmick. Although... this may confirm my theoretical team I was working on here:

It has "seventh mystery member" written all over it.

Sam said...

I went to the Comic Box today and told the guys what was going on. The sad part of it they admitted and I concur is that the book will sell because of all the hype it's getting now, so a little bit of this happening could be my fault, saldy. But I am getting tired of these event books at this point. Money is getting tight and comics aren't 20 cents anymore, so either the companies are going to have to find a better way to sell their books or I am going to be making come cuts to my pull list.