Monday, October 27, 2008

Shout Out!

I don't know if you caught the mini contest I had in my post about Ron Howard supporting Obama recently. In the comments, I shouted "Opie Cunningham" then promised to shout out the first person who got it. It's from an SNL sketch featuring Howard and Eddie Murphy called "Black on Film" where Eddie's character Raheem Abdul Muhammed began shouting the name while getting ready to shave off Howard's mustache and wanted him to return to his simpler days instead of making trashy movies about White pimps. That would be the movie "Night Shift" where it may be the only time Shelly Long ever looked decent in lingerie. Nonetheless, it took a day, but the winner is F.O.O.S. Randy who also has his own wonderful blog and is also from the great state of Montana. Stop by and tell 'em I sent you. Congrats to you, Randy!

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ESP said...

No fair! I didn't know the contest was afoot -- I hadn't moved to the new blog yet. Do another trivia question about old SNL sketches. Fred Garvin! Rosanne Rosannadanna! The Olympia Diner!