Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Last Political Post (for now)

An important thing to remember whenever you go into your neighborhood bar/pub/drinking establishment is never talk religion and politics because it could start fights. Plus, it's never really good to talk to anyone once they've had booze in their system. My friend Guinness Dave is good for that. It usually starts at 11PM when I'm trying to go to bed and he's got Billy Bragg cranked up at home. Oh, and if you have a friend with an alcoholic themed surname, you're just stuck. Did I mention that before?

My point of this post is to say that after today I am done talking politics for a long time. The whole election process took twenty months and I didn't really get rolling into it until late August, which really how long the politicos should do it next time to make up for the long winter they gave us. Still, everyone was talking about who would and deserved to be the next president from the reporter on the 24 hour news channel to the armchair pundit. There were folks coming out of the woodwork who wanted their say and I was one of them and now that it's all said and done so am I. I know that Pal Ivan feels the same way as I do and has mentioned it in this post and I am now doing the same as he. By the way,  we Blacks are not really planning to do what was stated in the cartoon, but we do love to freak out the conservatives ( a.k.a stuck up White people). However if this is going to be the last political post for a while, I'm going out with a doozy of a story.

As we can all read, the title of the blog is The Real Sam Johnson Show which is called that because there are millions and millions of Sam Johnsons out there as it is a common name. Some use their powers for good, such as the Sam Johnson who runs SC Johnson, while others use thier powers for darker things like politics. I know that there is a there's a state representative with the name in Texas and I hold no grudge against the man or anyone else. It's when I get email for the other Sams that drive me loco. I just happen to get this one on Wednesday...

Hi Sam,

Congrats on your ANC win. Below is my contact info. I would be happy to meet with you. Our office is located at 13th and K Street NW. If you're free at the end of the week, let me know and maybe we can get lunch together.

Paul D Craney
Executive Director
DC Republican Committee

As you may imagine. I was tickled blue.

After laughing my bum off, I investigated and found out there's a Sam who is an elected member of the Advisory Neighborhood Committee for Ward one in Washington, D.C. To be honest, when I get get mail for the other Sams, I leave it alone. For the most part I don't even open them on fear that I could be reading something that isn't for my eyes. One of these Sams could be a secret agent and I could be liquidated if I saw codes that weren't for see. But I figured I got nothing to lose but time and space and soooo...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the email. I don't know what next week will bring, but I would like to sit down with you and talk about the issues. I'll try to give you a call on Monday and arrange a time.

Sam Johnson

I got an email back from Mr. Craney saying that he was in Massachusetts for a long weekend and will return this week. Now, I'll be honest with you. I should not have done sent a reply to the man, but in my little victory dance I had on Wednesday I couldn't help myself and for that I apologize. Still, I was the first Sam Johnson with a Gmail account and everyone else should get over it if I read their stuff. As for the DC Republican committee, perhaps I should give them a call and and actually talk about the issues we face today. We may live in different cities and support different parties, but we're talking and that's good. I think this is what Obama wanted us all to do in the first place.

So I'm done with politics, for now at least. For the rest of the Bush administration,
I plan on getting ready for the big party on January 20th. I'll throw off anyone who wants to talk about the election by mentioning that we now have our first Hawaiian president to throw them off their track and walk away quickly. I'm spent. But as cool as the other side of the pillow as Barack Obama is, the moment he does something crazy, The RSJS will be there to joke on him. I mean, I really don't want be the one to be the guy to post "Obama is the first Black president to choke on a pretzel" but someone has to. Better me than Sean Hannity.

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