Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Awww, Thanks!

 I guess it's that time again thaw out the turkey and stock up of the Tylenol and Pepto Bismol as friends and families get together for Thanksgiving. This year, I have loads of things to be thankful for. The first thing is my health. I went to my new vascular surgeon this morning and it looks like I'm finally going to have the angioplasty on my leg within the next few weeks, somewhere near Christmas. It shouldn't be to bad as it's day surgerey Thank Pesci, but I'll have to be off my feet for a couple of days. Any day I can get some relax time is a good time to be had.

The second thing is I have a roof over my head. With the economy these days, I'm actually glad we all still have roofs and not stars. You know, as we all live in darkness riding around in gangs wearing leather and fur, fighting in the Thunderdome for our lives while Tina Turner looks on with glee and we have that weird wolf boy with us all the time.

The third thing I'm thankful for is enjoyning what you have. My kid brother Rocky called me today and asked what I'll be doing for Turkey Day and I told him that I have actually dialysis tomorrow and from there, I'm going home. He wondered if our brother Anthony and his wife woud be cooking and I told him no since they're going out of town to see their daughter and her husband. So Rocky asked just how was I planning on getting my bird fill this year? I let him know that I'm perfect as the stations had a Thanksgiving buffet on Monday with all the goodies and sides. When everyone got their fill, there was so much left over that I took loads of it home and filled eleven Ziploc containers, so I'm good. I told him that I'd be alone that day, but I won't be lonely. I'll be stuffed.

Oh, did I forget to be thankfull for you guys as well? Thanks. I'll see you Black Friday. Now for those of you who missed it last year, the most recnet post will have my classic essay published last year in Murmur Magazine, "Freedom from Want: Chicken and Beer".Try not to laugh too hard if you're reading and eating at the same time as you could pop.

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