Sunday, November 02, 2008

Best Person...IN THE WORLD!

Last night on SNL, Ben Affleck returned to host the show and did his best work since Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, especially doing spoof of MSNBC's Countdown. I'll admit to liking Keith Olberman, but even sometimes he can go way over the top for me. That can sometimes make for great comedy when it comes to Olberman's blusterings. I just can't wait to see what Keith have to say about it and his hatred for cat genocide  on Monday night's show.

While I'm at it, I'll also stand in support of my friend Thomas Houston (prospective member of The League of Savannah Bloggers)and his enjoyment of watching The View. You may be surprised of how many guys secretly watch the show. I watch patiently for the day that Whoopi gets up from her seat and slaps the livin' daylights out of Elizabeth, but I'll wager that Barbara will beat her to it. The scenario could look something like this...


Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

Even a devoted Olbermann fan like myself thought Affleck's parody was funny. (So did its target; he mentioned on Countdown Friday night that he saw Ben rehearsing it and he gave it a thumbs-up.)

I watched SNL up until the time Weekend Update was over...which is probably the most SNL I've watched
in quite a while. The one thing that bothers me is--is there a shortage of funny women in this country? Kee-rist, I think I saw three women mentioned in the opening credits, and to prove my point your View clip features two guys in drag because they didn't have enough women to play all the roles.

Yes, I know SNL has been a male preserve for some time...I just find this a bit disturbing. I also can't figure out why 10% (the political sketches) of the show is falling-down funny and the other 90% is shit. Probably explains why I gave up on the show years ago.

HouseT said...

To be fair, I think you would have seen two men in drag even if they had the women available. I'm reminded of way back when during a Twin Peaks parody when someone pointed out they couldn't ask the Log Lady for her opinion because SNL only had 2 women in the cast. Good times.

Women in comedy aren't a rarity, but when it comes to improv/sketch comedy, they certainly do seem to be in a minority. And I'm sure there's a small army of female comedy troupes out there just dying to come after me now.

I amdit that it took a little while for Affleck's Countdown routine to work on me. I think Darrel Hammond has spoiled me on having someone do a spot on impression of a person to the point where I expect a vocalization to be perfect. Once I got past that, though, it was pretty good. Poor Miss Precious Perfect...