Monday, November 17, 2008

Dang You, Dan DiDio!

L.A. Times has an interview with executive editor Dan DiDio of what's going on at DC Comic in the coming year, including a new person in the Batsuit and Superman is out of Action Comics. I hear rumors that the final issue of Final Crisis could be late because DiDio hates the ending written by Grant Morrison as is would chage the company's future plans. I'll be nice since I know of someone who works there and I hope they don't cancel his book, but I do hope that DC gets it right before it's over.

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HouseT said...

If the versus discussion I just crashed through earlier is any indicator, then Superman might be leaving the planet to get away from the people that think that Batman can beat him at will.

All that interview does is make me glad that I don't normally read Batman or Superman titles. That's one less thing I'll need to drop at the beginning of the year.