Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Day After

Yeah, I guess I'd look like that too if I had a big party like he haad last night. It's actually from a Time Magazine slideshow I saw. That photo is going to say a lot about what it could be like for the man in the next few years.

I'm glad that he won, after all I voted for the guy but now the pressure begins. As soon as I had my first cup of coffee this morning, all my conservative friends called me up and wanted to know what I thought. My asnwer was, "What the Hell do you think"? Then I started to hear their bitching and angriness of the night before. "Oh sure, I'll support our President but I don't like them because of his Socialist views." I also heard a woman this morning on The CBS Early Show say that as well. To all you conservatives out there who are so freaked out:

1. Last night in his victory speech, Obama said, "You may not have voted for me, but I am your president". That meant in no simpler terms, get over it. Now let's work together and pull up your pants.

2. I'll bet you'll never watch a Robin Hood or a Zorro movie the same way again because they were Socialists, too. I hope that screws with your burrito while you read that.

By the way, the woman who said that was from Marieta, Georgia. Georgia may be a Red state, but Savannah is Blue. Like I've said before, we don't ask what church you go to, we just wanna know what you want to drink.

Anyway, anyone looking for change overnight is gonna have to wait for a bit. President-elect Obama (Damn, that still sounds good) has to find the right people for the job and I do hope that he makes some good choices for his cabinet. Then, you can expect them to sit down around the table and get cracking on many an interesting item.

Wow. The first Hawiian President. We're gonna have a luau at the Inagulation!


HouseT said...

Colin Powell said it best when he basically said that all taxes are effectively a form of socialism. If people persist with that notion, it will only prompt more people to begin discussing how socialism isn't the inherent evil some people want to make it out to be.

But hopefully, it doesn't come down to that, and everyone can get to work doing the thing.

DamonO said...

Your conservative friends should STFU. Look what almost 8 years of them having control of all three branches has led to. Its like the captain of the Titanic criticizing another captain's ability to sail a ship.