Friday, November 28, 2008

Puttin' Your Foot In It

I hope that yesterday was a good day for you all as much as it was for me. I got my share of turkey and good sides as much as everyone else, thanks to a pre-Thanksgiving buffet that the job had on Monday. There were so many leftovers from it, including two fried birds, ham, seafood dressing, sweet potatoes, mashed potaoes, dirty rice, two types of cranberry sauce, deviled eggs, pies, cakes and banana pudding. Truthfully, it was off the hook. I wound up taking a huge amount of it home being that I wouldn't be going to Anthony's this year since he was going out of town and I had dialysis that day. The cool part about Thanksgiving down South is that we go fool when it comes to the food. It's the same as it is everywhere else across the country, but there's something about good food here on this side of the country that brings everybody out for the fun with no dysfunction whatsoever around the table. Maybe because we're all too busy eating, bless our souls. Which brings us to this...

I just saw this on Ivan ("Pass that broccoli or I'll shiv ya, see?") Shreve's dog and pony show.

Let me explain why I concur with the cartoon.

See, when my dear, sainted mama cooked on Thanksgiving, she did so much that was so good, we would joke and say that Mama put her foot in it. That's why I'm so grateful when I get myself a meal one a year that reminds me of her. If she had made green bean casserole, I may have liked it. But it would have to be the way she made it and no one else. I knew that none of my sisters, aunts or my grandmothers made it. This is why I give it the stink eye. In fact, I really don't think any down South (unless they kind of think they have money) eat the casserole. Then again Ivan, you pull a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving move and serve Atomic Bachelor Nacho Dip. Where's the popcorn and toast, ol' boy? Is Woodstock pouring the root beer?

Speaking of the buffet, everyone had to bring in something making it pot luck. Y'all know I didn't bring in a dang thing but my appetite. Still, our general manager decided to bring something since it's her first time and it's olives and roasted peppers in oil, cold asparagus, and cherry tomatoes and  mozzarella. Not one person touched it. In fact, folks were asking just what the hell those green things where as they thought it was green beans for a quick second. When it was all said and done, she must of felt offended that everyone stayed clear of her dishes and killed everyone else, even the White people. Like I said, down here you better watch you some Paula Deen or the Neelys on Food Network and put your foot in that food before you even think about putting it on that table or you will be embarrassed later.


Anonymous said...

check this out:

Ivan G Shreve Jr said...

I've suspected for a long time now that you're responsible for why I have so much trouble finding a Chinese place in Jaw-Ja that doesn't cram peas and carrots into the fried rice. When I come up with the smoking gun, mac 'n cheese boy, I'm nailin' your butt to the wall!

HouseT said...

Green bean casserople is like trying to spin straw into gold. All it makes you do is realize that you never really liked straw to begin with.

Why exert the effort? Just drop a neckbone into the bean pot and be done with it. I'm not even a big neckbone fan, and I know this.

And it sounds like someone learned the hard lesson of the pot luck. Style points earn you nothing, and you're better off going with a simpler looking dish that tastes like something. Neckbone!