Monday, November 17, 2008

Sing, Child, SIng

If you want the truth, I don't want to talk about bad singers anymore. The one thing that really pisses me off about karaoke is the fact that some people take it too seriously as if they really have the talent and the honestly don't. It's just a good way to pass the time while you get drunk. That's all it is, people. There are no prizes and you can be lucky if you even get applause from the crowd. As for me, there are times when I feel like I really miss singing real songs with live backing. I feel like I lose a lot in the translation of the song because I'm having to read off of a TV screen. For now, I guess I'm stuck playing host to a booze filled verison of Rock Band.

Anyway, Rolling Stone has come out with their list of the 100 greatest singers of all time, which I can totally agree on. There are a few on the lower fifty I would have brought up (Frankie Valli at 80 maybe, but Miss Patti LaBelle at 95? Aw, Hell naw!), but it is what it is. Still, those folks are shades better that the bastards I dealt with over the weekend.

You're dang tootin' I'm still pissed. The truth is that a friend brought someone to meet me at Steed's Friday night to meet me because they wanted to hear me sing and she was single. Now do you see why I'm so mad? I thought so...


SwanShadow said...

That Rolling Stone list lost me the second I saw Bob Dylan in the Top Ten.

Whatever importance he may have as a songwriter and stylistic innovator, Bob Dylan cannot sing. Period.

Sam said...

I never thought that Dylan was ever a great or good singer. But I think it's more the influence that the singers on the list gave to other acts. Which is kinda sad because if you want to sing like Bob Dylan, you must have just come out from a bus accident.

Anonymous said...

The best singers of all time:
Freddie Mercury
Micky Dolenz
and tied for third are Karen Carpenter and Whitney Huston.

I love Bob Dylan, but please... He's a song writer, not a singer.