Sunday, November 23, 2008

Triple WIde Trailers

Alright, it's the first post of the day so let's start it off like they do at the movies before the feature starts up. How about the trailer for The Wrestler starring Mickey Rourke? The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky (Memento) has been getting loads of accolades from critics on Rourke's performance. He also seems to be as good a kayfabe (a wrestling term for a good guy) as he is an actor in this drama.

Here's the trailer for Fanboys. This flick should have been out two years ago, buut Mirimax wanted a complete overhaul of the script and it was totally reshot. After an online battle with real fanboys, the company compromised and finally caved in. I will say that some fanoys are like this, but you be the judge.

Here's the trailer of the year in my opinion, Black Dynamite. zLet's take a step back into 1974 as one hard hittin', high kickin' Soul Brotha # 1 gets revenge on the mob guys who killed his own brother and Black Dynamite gets what he wants. This ain't no Undercover Brother right here. Black Dynamite is the bomb (pardon me for that)! BTW, this trailer doesn't play as it's got shootings, explosions, Pam Grier, nudity, the dude who played Spawn, pimp suits, drug references, cheesy acting and Arsenio Hall so don't show the kids.

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HouseT said...

Blast you. That may have just made my weekend. We will now begin the fight over which of us is the rightful heir to the nickname "Black Dynamite".

I might let you keep that one, though. I've become partial to the nickname Mocha King, and if all else fails, I can always go back to Chocolate Thunder.