Sunday, November 02, 2008


If you read my scary story earlier, you said that I went in to vote early. I knew that I had to do my civic duty and I wanted to get my voice heard as all Americans should, but I wouldn't be able to do it on Tuesday because that day is Dialysis Day and I knew that I wouldn't be able to make it to the polls afterward. That day, the sun was out and it was actually nice and warm for a Halloween day but that's what it's like in my town.

The thing that surprised me when I got to the polling center wa sthe line. When I pulled into the parking lot, I could see a nice little line forming but I couldn't find a parking spot. I wound up finding a spot on the curb across from the building, but as I was driving there I noticed that the line was longer and even longer than before. A line of folks had completely wrapped around the entire block waiting to get out there and have their say as quickly as possible. In fact, in early voting in Savannah there were 47, 423 registered voters waiting within one week of the actual date. Now imagine that except you have most of the United States involved.

My personal reason why there have been so many people coming out early is for the simple reason that folks are tired of what's happening to their country. Let's face it, we have gone through eight years of hell with what could be the worst presidential term ever with a clueless leader and a crew who seemed to only care about themselves. We're in a thankless war with a hardworking military who just wants to do their job, an economy that has gone down the tubes, and dealing with corporate classisim who cries for a bailout when they make their own mess like a child when they spill their pablum.

I don't want to tell you who to vote for here, but I will tell you that I voted for Obama. I liked John McCain a lot, pre Maverick days, especially in 2000 and 2004 when he first made attenpts to run for Commander-in-Chief. But the McCain of 2006-2008 seemed like he was grasping at straws, just like his entire party was doing. The fact that he even settled for Sarah Palin felt like it was to placate the women who felt slighted due to Hillary Clinton not getting the Democratic nomination. Palin herself seems now to overshadow McCain as she allegedly is going rogue on the campaign while looking at her own chances of running at for the top during  the 2012 elections. I voted whom I thought is the best man for the job and Barack Obama was that man. I didn't vote for him because he's Black or even half, 1/3 or 3%. I voted for the man because his policies are more sound and correct than John McCain could ever have been. Besides, the only true Maverick I know of is James Garner, hands down.

Americans are getting tired of trying to survive when the government that they are made to pledge to screws them over the coals over and over again. We are in a recession no matter what pundits say and we are doing our damnedest best to deal with trying to support our families, our troops and ourselves as a people and the current White House and the Republican Party just doesn't get it anymore and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of having to try and make my bills every month. I'm tired of having to pay out expensive medical bills and medicine. I'm tired of wondering if I'll even have a job the next day after I get out of dialysis. I make say that I have nothing to lose often because of my ailment, but Americans are losing everything now. To paraphrase the man, I voted for Barack Obama and I hope you support his message this Tuesday.

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HouseT said...

Kudos on getting your point out cleanly. I've ben working on my own little commentary on the main issue, but I keep having to backspace out the phrase, "If you honestly elect that crazy old bastard...!" every few paragraphs. Somehow, I think it might set the wrong tone...