Sunday, November 23, 2008

Will The Real Sam Johnson Please Sit Down?

Everyone has a name. If we didn't we'd be calling each other "Bub" or Dude" which I'm fine with. I've always had a bit of a fasination with names, especially the funky ones. Not like Apple or Shilo, but names lke Magdelina Babblejack. Earl Hetford. Turd Ferguson. Those kind. However when you have a common name like mine, it's hard to set yourself from the other Sam Johnsons out there.

I've gone through this complaint before. that's why I made the switch from Sam-a-rama to the old/new name. But I decided today (when I should be working on a paper for school) to see how many Sam Johnsons are out there? Well, I looked and I  found a lot. The usual suspects where there. I did find one guy who doesn't even look like a Sam Johnson. He looks more like a Lance or something.

Now this Sam Johnson seems more up to speed, although he's only seven years old. He keps drawing like this, he'll be an art star this side of that elephant in India who paints.
Here is another musical Sam Johnson. Okay, he's close, but no cigar. He's a musician, He's Black, but he's created his own sound called Rhythm and Roll. Good luck on that.
This next Sam...Really? Damn
All I know is this. There's a lot of Sam Johnsons out there and I'd like to hear from them What is your Sam Johnson like? Is he, or even she funny or serious? Are they quiet or loud? Do they eat meat or vegetarian? I'd like compare notes with them. If you are a Sam Johnson or you know of a Sam Johnson, drop me an email at and let's talk. I promise that there should be no broken time/space continumm broken here.


david said...

Ha! Like me - "David" and even "David Sherman" are remarkably common names. In fact, even in my rather small town, there's another "David Sherman."

When I go to Fuddrucker's and they ask what name to call when my food is ready, I always tell them "Homer."

AlpineEssence said...

I am a Sam Johnson also, and I live in Alaska!