Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bacon Pancakes

If you recall, last month we found out about Deep Fried Bacon with dipping gravy which sent everyone into cardiac arrest from just looking at it. In the mix of all the comments, I came up with an even crazier idea: Bacon Pancakes. So, as I am one day away from getting sliced up in the hospital, I thought I'd treat myself this morning in case anything should go wrong and I never get the opportunity to eat Bacon Pancakes. There is a slide show, so sit down and pay attention.
First, we start off bacon, of course. I like center cut bacon as it's thicker and about as much fat as there is meat.
We cook on medium heat and walk out of the room until the bacon is nice and crispy. Remember, make sure to flip!
After the bacon is cooked, be sure to blot the grease out as much as you can from it. But then, it's not going to matter anyway since it's BACON!
 Next, we make the batter. I decided to use one of those shake up batters, then poured it into a container to dip the bacon in.
Now, here was my problem. You are supposed to fill to the line of the batter bottle with water, which I did but it still came out wetter than I expected, so it never covered the bacon like I wanted...
and so, I said screw it.We'll just see what happens. Keep the heat on the stove to low, because someone could knock on the door to ask you something stupid and ruin the meal.
After you answer the door and yell, "Ain't no Thelma here, man", your Bacon Pancakes should be more than ready. Just use your favorite syrup for dipping, along side a bottle of antacid tablets and a bottle of Lipitor for that just to be sure moment. This ends our experiment until something bacony better comes along.

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HouseT said...

Ah. So you were going for the batter-like stick of bacon. Yeah, that quick batter stuff won't get the job done there. Well, it might if you go slim on the liquid, but that's more a hindsight kind of thing.

See, me, I would have gone with a more conventional pancake and just added the bacon while it was cooking. Hmm. Now I'm thinking about it.

And finally, I just thought I'd point out that you now have multiple posts on your page with the tag "Bacon Porn". Congratulations on being flagged on at least one FBI list somewhere.