Friday, December 26, 2008

Eartha Kitt, R.I.P.

Is it me, or was it that whenever you saw Eartha Kitt on Batman, you knew that she was sexier than Julie Newmar? I know that it throws everything you may remember about Catwoman, but think about it. Newmar was hot because, well, she was hot. But Eatha Kitt brought something special to the role of the villaness. The purr. The growl. They say that a leopard never changes it spots, but this little kitty changed the color and and the game. The sexual tension between Miss Kitt and The Caped Crusader were by and large, incredible. They never kissed once, but they had and chemistry not seen before on television during the Civil Rights era. Gvien the fact that other than Bill Cosby on I Spy, Nichelle Nichols on Star Trek and Greg Morris on Mission Impossible, Blacks weren't given featured roles in shows. Eartha Kitt made up for it by playing the bad girl and showing America that Black women can do more than take orders. They gave them out and could be as sexy as they want to be. C'est Si Bon, indeed.

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